Bill (Skullion) used to train me when he was a teacher at ICW. And I remember the first day I ever walked into the school. I went their to check out the school with my mother, to see if I wanted to go there. And he showed me around the school, and the gym and the ring. He asked me if I wanted to go into the ring, and it made my day. He made me the happiest man on earth. Then he said, "Ben, run the ropes, see how well you can do". I did, and he kept pushing me to run faster, and faster, and I'll never forget that about him. Then when I started the school, he was always there to help me, give me advice, to be a friend, cheer me on, just push my to my limit. But it was all for the best. He tought me how to take the bumps, I tried and I tried and I was doing it like a pro, and he let me know it. Every time I did something wrong he told me and worked with me until I got it right. I will never forget the man and I wish he could teach me agian. 
  Ben Ortmanns

  Co-Owner @ Crossbody Gym

*Courtesy of SLAM! Wrestling Canadian Hall Of Fame